About Us

The Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration (SMSA) was created in 2004 with the separation of the Ports and Marine Division. The Administration became a legal entity with the enactment of the Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act, 2014 and transformed into the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority on the 01st April 2020.

SMSA is a regulatory and supervisory body within the Ministry of Transport with its primary objective being to ensure that all mariners without exception, use and enjoy the seas of Seychelles and other water bodies, in a safe and lawful manner. SMSA is also responsible for ensuring maritime security and pollution prevention.

Furthermore, the Authority is the focal point of contact for Seychelles with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), hence SMSA has an international obligation to implement all the provisions of the IMO instruments that Seychelles has ratified, acceded or is a party to.


A leading maritime Authority driving Seychelles’ national and international maritime aspirations.


A small Developing Island State with an International Maritime presence on par with the best international standards and practices reflected nationally.

The Authority has been given various legal mandates through the coming into force of the SMSA Act, 2019 which lays down all the powers of the Authority.

However, before the Act came into force, the mandates of the previous Administration were vested in the Merchant Shipping Act, 1995. The Authority may thus also make decisions pertaining to the:

  • Registration of Ships;
  • Licensing of Ships;
  • Survey of Ships;
  • Measurements of Ships;
  • Certification of Ships;
  • Mortgages and Maritime Liens for Ships;
  • Local Voyages;
  • Masters and Seamen;
  • Wrecks and removal of wrecks in Seychelles waters;
  • Safety and Security of crews and ships operating in Seychelles waters;
  • Protection of the marine environment;
  • Limitation and Division of Liability; and
  • Other general decisions pertaining to the safety, security and pollution prevention in the maritime industry.

The roles and functions of SMSA are currently being governed by the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority Act, 2019, and the Merchant Shipping Act (as amended).

The functions and duties of the Authority are listed in section 4 of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority Act, 2019 and include, but are not limited to:

  • The discharge of Flag, Coastal and Port State responsibilities whilst having regard to international maritime conventions, treaties, agreements and other instruments to which Seychelles is a party.
  • The implementation of international maritime conventions, treaties, agreements and other instruments as may be required.
  • Regulating, controlling and administering all matters relating to maritime safety which includes the training and certification of seafarers and the auditing of maritime training institutions.
  • Collaborating with relevant agencies pertaining to the protection of the marine environment, prevention of pollution from ships and response to marine environment incidents.
  • Providing assistance to other agencies in the co- ordination of matters relating to maritime security.
  • Representing Seychelles nationally and internationally on maritime affairs.
  • Ensuring, in collaboration with relevant agencies, appropriate observance of international rules and regulations pertaining to the management of dangerous goods are being upheld.
  • The coordination of activities for agencies and bodies involve in search and rescue operations and make policy decisions therein.
  • Assist, in collaboration with relevant agencies, the implementation of the national oil spill contingency plan.